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Patrulla área civil Colombiana

More than 55 years providing where they need us most

Private, non-profit organization, with experience in providing medical, surgical, humanitarian and emergency medical care for vulnerable populations.

Patrulla área civil Colombiana

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More than 50

years providing


We are the largest

health volunteer in



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Carlos Slim awards

in health 2021

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We are the

Civil Air Patrol

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We are a private non-profit organization dedicated to provide medical, surgical, medical-humanitarian, and emergency aid completely free of cost in order to help populations living in conditions of extreme poverty, social or geographical exclusion, or that have been victims of some catastrophe.

Surgical Brigades
Medical Brigades
Pediatric and Nutritional Brigades
Emergency Brigades
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"The Air Patrol brings a lot of things, first of all the attention to the children who really need it"

- Angelina Baniama, indigenous health promoter, Riosucio, Chocó


"Thank God and you as the Civil Air Patrol that have come here, it has helped me see that the medical health of my daughter has improved."

- Yasmira Cuesta, brigade beneficiary, Riosucio, Chocó.


Tell the doctor that I am very grateful that he was able to accomplish such a difficult task, he did everything to help me and I want to thank him for everything he did for me.

- Alexis Montaño, patient brigade, Timbiquí, Cauca.


"My dream is to see the light of day again, see my coworkers, my good friends, that I currently can't see because of the darkness. Today I feel happy thanks to the brigade that came here to Villanueva."

We are the largest health volunteers in colombia and for this reason the volunteers are the pillar of our labor

Currently our volunteering is only open for professionals in healthcare and volunteering for pilots is solely available for those who belong to the Aeroclub de Colombia.

We know that a lot of people enjoy the opportunity of joining our cause as volunteers. Currently it is not possible to take any other type of volunteers to the brigade, but we are open to any other form of help: a fundraising initiative to help us raise funds, provide training to our team in a subject you are an expert in, or whatever you think might help us.

Your contribution makes it possible for us to continue saving lives together

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Colombian Civil Air Patrol

We do not know borders

Every month we make a medical or medical-surgical brigade in a municipality with little access.

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