Colombian Medical College Newspaper
September 12, 2023

More than half a century flying to provide free medical care in the most remote areas

Director PEO: Volunteers are the cornerstone of our work at the Colombian Civil Air Patrol, and that's why we ensure safety and well-being in the development of all activities: we provide all necessary protective gear to carry out free services, offer training spaces to contribute to their professional development, and make it possible for patients to receive quality care.

The health brigades of the Colombian Civil Air Patrol are a unique opportunity, not only to put their knowledge and vocation at the service of the country's most vulnerable people but also to return home with the satisfaction of having transformed lives and contributed to the benefit of vulnerable communities that cannot easily access health services. We invite healthcare professionals who want to volunteer to visit our website; there they can find the requirements and the registration form.

We know that many people would like to join our cause as volunteers. While it is only possible to bring healthcare professionals and systems engineers as volunteers to our brigades, we will be happy to have other types of support: if you have a fundraising initiative, want to provide training to our team on a topic you are an expert in, or whatever you think may work, we will be happy to coordinate it with you.