Caracol Radio
June 6, 2023

Colombian Civil Air Patrol receives award from the Carlos Slim Foundation

Julian Valencia, president of the organization, referred to the award that recognizes the work carried out by the Civil Air Patrol during the pandemic.

In an interview with Hora20 on Caracol Radio, Julian Valencia, pilot and president of the Colombian Civil Air Patrol, received the "Exceptional Institution" award from the Carlos Slim Foundation for the work done during the pandemic. He stated, "I made the first humanitarian flight of the pandemic myself, we carried blood for children with cancer in Nariño, we carried out Covid tests and supported institutions, the national government, and those who needed it."

He explained that the Civil Air Patrol is an organization with 51 years of existence, 400 health volunteers, and 70 pilots. "All are volunteers from the private sector and we carry out about 24 brigades a year, we do two brigades a month: one is carried out in remote municipalities and the others in capital cities in partnership and agreement with the United States."

Regarding funding methods, he pointed out that there are various donors such as foundations or companies that purchase brigades, as has been done in Bahía Solano, Timbiquí, and Orocué. "Regarding fuel, Terpel has supported us for many years and the pilots provide the aircraft to make those flights and transport the doctors."

Finally, he assured that this is an award for all volunteers. "This award has been earned by all the healthcare workers who support us; what is coming is that we are modernizing, we are in the process of building integrated information systems to be more efficient, and with the award, we are buying a new anesthesia machine." He also mentioned that there is room for those who want to join the patrol by visiting the website