El Nuevo Siglo
August 13, 2023

Campaign for healthcare assistance to vulnerable communities

With the purpose of continuing to provide specialized dermatology care to the most remote regions of the country, the Colombian Association of Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery (AsoColDerma) and the Colombian Civil Air Patrol (PAC) have joined forces through an agreement aimed at strengthening the volunteerism of dermatologists, implementing new programs in health campaigns, and promoting timely diagnosis of pre-malignant lesions that can result in skin cancer. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, there is a higher incidence of skin cancer in specific and remote territories, where high levels of ultraviolet radiation are present, such as in the departments of Casanare, Vaupés, and Amazonas. This highlights the importance of early diagnosis of skin cancer and promoting self-care practices among populations. Thanks to this alliance, vulnerable populations, who do not have easy access to health services, let alone specialized care, will continue to have the opportunity to receive this type of medical assistance free of charge. This is of great importance, considering that a study conducted by AsoColDerma showed that 91% of Colombians have suffered from skin diseases and 36% have never visited a dermatologist. "The alliance between AsoColDerma and the Civil Air Patrol is a significant milestone in our mission to provide dermatological care to those who need it most. We are proud to have supported the Civil Air Patrol for over 15 years, and together, we have positively impacted many vulnerable people. Through this alliance, we hope to expand our reach and provide quality dermatological care to a greater number of people across the country," commented Claudia Arenas, president of AsoColDerma.