Diners Magazine
August 17, 2023

Pamela Estrada, Woman of the Year She Is

Women in Latin America are making a difference in integrating other women into processes of empowerment, freedom, and above all, visibility. This has been detailed by the She Is foundation, which took its first steps in 2016 with its founder and CEO Nadia Sánchez, a Colombian who began to travel throughout the national territory to understand the needs and life stories of women victims of armed conflict and who now, seven years later, helps women across the continent to grow and chart a better future.

As part of the arduous work of women in the continent, the foundation annually awards its She Is Global Awards, which recognize the work of those leaders who are changing the world from different sectors, such as sustainability, youth, businesses, sports, culture, politics, human rights, and much more.

This recognition took place within the framework of the She Is Global Forum, known as the largest gender equity forum in Latin America, which in 2023 was held in Medellín, along with the presentation of 19 awards in different categories, where Colombian leaders shone for being the most outstanding in leaving a mark and paving the way for new generations.

Meet them below:

Pamela Estrada won one of the most important categories at the She Is Global Awards, thanks to her experience in sustainability and relations with private, governmental, and non-governmental sectors. This woman is the leader of various initiatives of vital importance, ranging from international cooperation among nations, sustainable development, social responsibility, and public-private partnerships for the benefit of citizens.

Thanks to this experience, Estrada has been the General Director of the Colombian Civil Air Patrol for over five years, managing crises and showcasing the value of women in Latin America.